Returning to our blog

Why were we inactive for so long?

It has almost been an year that we have not posted on our blog.  We have had several customer inquiries and several of our staff asked why are we not updating the blog. However the reason was simple, we were busy assisting our practices and clinics reduce their burden.

Why back to the blog again?

The reason is simple. In this day and age, it is essential to share the learnings and the experiences on the field be it for marketing purposes or just for plain old credibility. And working with hundreds of medical practices and clinics, we are learning every day so we are creating a knowledge based around various compliance initiatives. So we think we should start sharing what we learn.  It is just that simple.

So we hope that clarifies the lack of posts for over an year. We were just focussed on assisting our customers. Going forward we hope to make it a point to post at least two blog posts every month.



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