As we extend our services to include Cyber Security Assessment Services, I am seeing that even large Health Centers are vulnerable for Cyber Security. IT Departments at Health Centers are working hard to find the right balance in supporting the clinical teams in their EHR Upgrades and Implementations, constant training needs while ensuring the organizations networks are secure. However the budget constraints and dependence on grant based funding usually prohibit organizations to encourage their staff to be on top of their cyber security game.

In this article around Cyber Security for Healthcare Organzations I will share some basic educational videos around cyber security which every Health IT profession should watch to become aware of the importance of Cyber Security in Health Care organizations, so they can make a case for additional budgets to implement technologies / train or educate their staff.

Ransomware – Anatomy of an attack – by Cisco

IOT – Anatomy of an attack – By Cisco
How easy it is to capture data on a Public Free Wifi – Gary Explains

I will share a few more of my thoughts in my next Thursday blog.

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